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    Ez még lemaradt az előző hsz-emből a cpu-z-ről, elvileg emiatt ír FX-8130P-t a régi cpu-z FX-8120-ra: (persze az más kérdés, hogy ez is mennyire megbízható infó)

    "That thread started yesterday, in central and eastern europe the date is written differently, 7.10.2011. means seventh day of october not tenth day of july.
    It is related with this news http://www.techpowerup.com/153213/AM...ian-Store.html regarding FX8120 on stock at ukranian webstore Fixer. Those guys bought it there.
    On this very page member Pt1t explained again that you need latest CPU-Z version 1.58.7 to display correctly FX8120 cpu string, otherwise it will be marked as FX8130P


    Semmi sem állandó, csak a változás.