• Jester01

    PH! kedvence

    man awk:
    -W re-interval
    Enable the use of interval expressions in regular expression matching (see Regular Expressions, below).
    Interval expressions were not traditionally available in the AWK language. The POSIX standard added them, to
    make awk and egrep consistent with each other. However, their use is likely to break old AWK programs, so
    gawk only provides them if they are requested with this option, or when --posix is specified.

    Ha ez nem tetszik akkor helyettesítsd a [a-z]{2,3} részt ezzel: [a-z][a-z][a-z]?

    MOD: ja amúgy a domain nem csak 2 vagy 3 betű lehet, illetve egy ideje már nem is csak a-z :N

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