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  • Ricardo


    Azért más tesztekben sincsenek eldőlve a kamerától.


    "Much of the smartphone game these days is played on the photography court. Meizu, naturally, isn’t going to break tradition. It is pretty proud of the fact that it uses two Sony sensors. The IMX380, in particular, is the very same one in the DxOMark-ranking Huawei P20. That, however, does prove that having the same hardware doesn’t immediately translate to having the same output."

    "That’s not to say it is great, though. The Meizu 16th seems to have a bit of a problem with color accuracy. There even seems to be a bit blurring when it comes to contiguous patches of color, like with leaves on a tree. White balance is also a bit off, creating a more yellowish tinge during very sunny days."

    Itt is (ha jól értem) a fehéregyensúlyt említik.

    Remélhetőleg javítják, mert ettől eltekintve nem tűnik rossz telefonnak.

Hozzászólok Aktív témák