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  • csabi63

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    1. Switching channel too slow issue fixed
    2. Individual AAC audio tracks no passthrough issue fixed
    3. Individual amplifiers unable to passthrough 7.1 channel issue fixed
    4. 3D video L/R switch priority of local player malfunction fixed
    5. HDR10 compatibility improved, for example, blank screen when playing Sony_4K_HDR_Camp.mp4 fixed.
    6. Video player malfunction after clicking Imprex fixed
    7. Video and audio of local player unsynchronized after audio track switching issue fixed
    8. Local media player stuck after fast forward issue fixed
    9. Settings of Imprex engine of video player not saved after reboot issue fixed
    10. Online playback optimized, for example, occasionally where there was sound but no image issue fixed
    11. File display list of media center optimized and is able to display more content
    12. Pressing Menu to enable file sorting function added in Media Center
    13. Menu keys of file manager malfunction fixed
    14. Clicking Wifi hotspot in the Advanced Settings malfunction fixed
    15. Googleplay malfunction when searching fixed
    16. WIFI and Bluetooth stability and reliability optimized

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Hozzászólok Aktív témák